Light as air. Rooted in soil.
Our very first capsule collection is a love letter to soil, the very skin of the earth.
The colors are inspired by the elements that make soil, the soul of every living being.

Using certified organic cotton

Why, though? Give us a minute here okay - The cotton crop is usually categorized on staple length such as short, medium, long-staple and extra long. Longer the fiber length, softer the processed fabric.

Organically grown cotton is distinguished with a long staple fibre length, thus the finished fabric feels lighter, smoother and softer than conventionally grown cotton. Simply put, choose organic cotton to build a better, long-lasting wardrobe.

Rooting for cotton farming communities

With an intent to minimize the pressure on local and natural resources, organic cotton farming is making farmers happier, their land healthier.

The price of procuring organic cotton is always approximately 20-30% higher than conventional cotton. Thus, making in and demanding organic cotton clothing can make a difference in returns to the farming communities who enable its very existence.

What’s in it for you - a good choice that actually, truly feels great.

Lastly - made to last, rewear and re-use

To bring forth clothing of incomparable comfort and quality to life, is the very essence of this collection.

Keeping in mind, mindful consumption we will always try and encourage you to shop for what you absolutely need.

And will always be there to fulfill the want of building a comfy wardrobe that can be easily sustained and taken care of, by you.

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