We are Earthy. Worthy. Indie.

The Windie Way

Timeless designs, formed to function. Softest to touch, lightest to wear.

Our clothing will always be made with earth-approved fabrics and are meant to serve one purpose : your comfort.

Made in India. Made to love unconditionally.

Fashion that puts fabric first.

We believe in sourcing well-monitored, low-impact and certified sustainable fabrics of the highest quality that have been proven to be better for the wearer AND the maker.

The driving force behind our very first collection is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified Organic Cotton

Enablers of responsible choices

GOTS is a globally accepted and acclaimed certifying agency that enables building transparent supply chains from source to style, literally. Think ‘Michelin Stars’ but for all textile related manufacturers, products and processes! Their very existence enables makers like us to take our very first steps towards building a sustainable fashion brand.

Why does the GOTS Certification matter?

GOTS is driven by four criteria that aim to make the fashion industry accountable, responsible for its people and ultimately the planet.

Final garment must contain 95% certified organic fibres to be labelled and graded as 'organic'

All certified processing and manufacturing partners must be environmentally responsible & have waste-water management processes in place.
In accordance with the International Labour Organization - no child labour, fair wages, freedom of choice & ethical treatment of workers must be ensured at all times. (Surprise checks and surveys conducted as possible)
The certification process begins from the very first stage of any kind of textile production unlike any other certification. Thus paving the way for making, wearing and preserving an authenticated organic textile product!

Our Founder's Note

“Ever since I remember, my love language has been fashion. It started as a superficial need, but then slowly evolved into an expression. An expression of self, of defiance and ultimately an expression that just wanted to be cocooned in utter comfort.

I felt the need to see, feel and wear comfort like never before. Thus, Windie was born. To make you feel the wind in your hair, even when it is tied up in a knot!”

- Love, Ashwini

P.S. For more information on our future sustainability initiatives, drop us an email on info@windie.in or a DM us on the Gram’ @windie.in

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