1) I just placed an order on this website. I can hardly wait! How long will my order take to get delivered? 

We are doing a happy dance, thanks to you! Your order should arrive within 5-7 business days.

2) Hello, there. Anybody want to help me track my order?

Can’t wait to receive your order, can you? Just log into your account and view the order status. In case you don’t have an account - drop us a DM on the gram’ or  mail on info@windie.in for ANY order-related info. 

3) Do you guys ship internationally?

Yes, we do! Just that, you would have to send us the order via email and we shall do the needful. Mail us here: info@windie.in 

4) What are your shipping charges like?


5) Do you accept COD?

Yes, we do. Happy shopping!

6) Do you accept returns? 

Only if the product is damaged, we accept a full return. In case there is an issue with size or fit, we would absolutely assist in facilitating an exchange. 

7)What exactly does GOTS certified mean?

For us, collaborating with a GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard) certified production partner was non-negotiable! Simply because, GOTS assures complete traceability of the organic output - right from farm to the finished product. It also ensures that customers are aware of the complete supply chain involved in the manufacturing process. 
Check out the complete GOTS story right here : https://global-standard.org/the-standard/story
For certification info, click here: https://global-standard.org/certification-and-labelling/certification

8) What makes your fabric SO soft?

The cotton crop is usually categorized on staple length such as short, medium, long-staple and, extra long. Longer the staple length, softer the fabric! Organic cotton is often characterized by long staple fibre length, thus rendering the fabric smooth and soft. Also, our production partners opt for GOTS approved bio-wash, an expensive finishing technique. The technique enhances the feel of the fabric quality using enzymes and reduces stray fibres (pilling), giving fabric a smoother, softer appearance and hand-feel. (Yes, just like a baby’s skin!) 



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