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At Windie, we know your privacy is of utmost importance. That’s why, our privacy policy charts out what information we need from you, why we need it, and how we use and disclose it. Any change in the policy whatsoever would be duly communicated to you via your chosen mode of communication and will also be updated on the website. For
any query regarding the privacy policy, you can simply connect with us via our contact details and we will get back to you within 48 working hours.
Privacy Policy, updated as of January 2021

1. What kind of information does Windie collect from me?
Windie may ask you to give your private information such as your name, email address, date of birth, postal address, phone number, and debit or credit card details. This information is required in the following situations:
- At the time of account creation
- At the time of placing an order
- At the time of participation in a survey or a contest

Please note that while sharing your communication details you agree that a representative of Windie may contact you on the same.
We do not share your debit or credit card information on our servers and your order history and contact information are the only two things stored. Another information that might be collected by us is your browsing and search history, depending on your interaction with our website or adverts. If you search for specific products, your interests
in the particular product or category may also be saved.

We also collect navigational information, i.e. browser type and version. This information is usually anonymous and does not have any personal information that you may have provided.

2. How does Windie use the information provided by the customer?
Most of the time, the information collected from the customers is only utilised in completing purchase and delivery and also the dispatch of certain promotional material. However, there are certain other routes via which the personal information can be used.
- To send information about order confirmation and dispatch
- To communicate information about the brand and products
- To fulfill promotions
- For the purpose of marketing
- To understand how you use our website and to improve user experience
- To contact you

Navigational information too is often used to track and trace the traffic to the website. Note that the information you provide to us will not be used for any other purpose and any change or updation in the policy shall be conveyed to you via a prior notice.

3. Does Windie disclose customer information?
While placing an order with Windie, when you enter the details of your debit or credit card number, it may be stored on our payment gateway xxxx. Similarly, your contact information will be sent to our warehouse so that they can process your order at the earliest. Understand that storing this information with our trusted employee and database
enables us to know your needs better and escalate the entire process of fulfilling your orders. Our payment gateway xxxx is secure and provides an additional layer of protection as per its own policies.

Windie will only disclose your information to a third party, in the event of a buyout or merger, if any such business acquisition happens in the future. Also, in the event of any subpoena or any such legal matter, we may be able to produce the information.
Apart from the instances mentioned above, Windie will not be sharing or disclosing any information you provide to us, unless it is required by the law.

4. How does Windie use cookies?
What is a cookie? It is usually attached to your browser as a short line whenever you visit any url or an advertisement. It helps understand your behaviour as a customer as it determines the frequency of your visits to the page. Windie, along with its marketing partners, uses cookies to collect information. This is necessary to market products and also enables operating our stores.
You have to note that cookies are generic in nature and cannot be used to access any information that is stored on your device.
The best way in which cookies can be used is to enhance user experience by analysing their online patterns and behaviour. We do the same. However, if you do not wish for us to use cookies, you can use your computer’s settings to disable those.

5. How can you change information on Windie?
Create an account and log in. Thereafter, you will be able to access and edit your personal information in your account.
6. Can the customer choose whether or not to receive personal communication?
At Windie, your wish is our command! We want you to be a part of our journey but only if you want to stay with us. If at any point of time you wish to stop receiving the communication, do get in touch with us and we will guide you through the unsubscription process. It will break our hearts to do so, but the customer comes first. Alternatively, you
can also click on the unsubscribe button at the end of the emails to stop.
However, understand that communication regarding your order overrides any such unsubscription. We will continue communicating those, as and when you place the order.

7. Is your personal information protected?
We at Windie try our best to provide a safe and secure shopping space. Our managerial and commercial procedures and steps are directed towards making your experience a secure one as we use the SSL or Secure Sockets Layer technology. This protection helps us safeguard your information first when you place an order with us and second when you pay using our payment gateway.
That being said, please note that any information that is put on the internet is never entirely safe. The onus of sharing the same ultimately lies on the one sharing it and thus the transmission is at the customer’s risk.

Another thing to note is that neither we or any representative from Windie would ever ask for your card details, one-time password, or any such information via any mode of communication. Be aware of online fraudulent activities.

8. Are the links to other websites secure?
We often display ads and links that may take you to other platforms and websites. Note that once you leave Windie and go on the other platform, our privacy stops applying and any information that you subsequently share on the platform is covered under their policy and the level of security that they provide.

9. Age disclaimer
By signing in to our website you consent and agree that you are over the age of 18. Note that none under the age of 18 is allowed to create an account or use our website. Lest any such subscription or order happens, Windie is not responsible for it.

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy
Windie reserves the right to change the policy at its discretion, and at any time. Any such change would be duly notified to the current subscribers and would also be updated on the website.

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